CDVI K2 Krypto Bluetooth Mullion Proximity Card Reader


Product Overview

CDVI’s economical KRYPTO K2 card reader makes high security easy! KRYPTO K2 Mifare® DESFire® EV2® readers combined with CDVI EV2 credentials work right out of the box. No fastidious and complicated programming required!

Factory-programmed, industry-unique secure CDVI protocol and encryption keys ensure end-to-end encryption between the card, reader and A22K door controller.

Main Features
  • Compatible with ATRIUM A22K controller, ATRIUM BT App and the Krypto Mobile-PASS
  • NFC & Bluetooth
  • FULLY secure RS-485 connection
  • Reads 13.56 MHz Mifare Classic, DESFire EV1/EV2 and Mobile-PASS
  • OSDP-2 compatible
  • Up to 2” (5 cm) read range
  • Power requirements: 12 VDC
Main Features
  • Get protected against unauthorized access, while also reducing fraud and identity theft with this card reader access device
  • Get excellent performance without compromising quality, durability for proximity reading distance
  • Widely used for door access control
General Information
Name: CDVI K2 Krypto Bluetooth Mullion Proximity Card Reader, CDVI Group, CDVI
Category: CDVI, Access Control, Touchless Access Control
UPC Code: 366221101827
Country of Origin: France. Country of origin is subject to change.

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