Camden CX-EMF-2 Multi-function Relay, Plastic Enclosure


Product Overview

Camden Door Controls EMF-2is a microprocessor-controlled relay designed to easily and quickly handle a variety of specialized door-control tasks.

The dip switches let you choose functions such as:
  • ABM Vestibule interface
  • Single Restroom Door in Shared Use Facility
  • Man Trap
  • Normally Secure Restroom Door
  • 2 Door Shared use Restrooms
  • 2 - 5 Door Airlocks/Interlocks
This smart new design also allows for future development by utilizing expandable technology, and reprogrammable IC 's.

All wiring connections and adjustments are made on the exterior of the plastic case with removable terminals to facilitate installation. Simple yet effective potentiometers enable settings to meet varied requirements.

A power LED, 1 status LED, and five relay LEDs aid in set-up and troubleshooting.

A sturdy plastic enclosure is standard, while a handsome metal cabinet with lighted control switches is also available.


This application is designed to interface an automatic door operator with a card reader system such as those used on banks. When the unit is switched into "Night Mode" the electric strike is energized (door is locked) and the exterior switch is removed from the circuit. When a valid card is inserted, the strike unlocks immediately, and the exterior switch is put back into the circuit for an adjustable period, so that if pushed by the user, it will open the door automatically. The inside switch can unlock and open the door at all times. Both the strike and operator hold times are user adjustable.

A new feature added to the EMF-2 is the "Lock-Down" switch input. When activated by a user the relay will ignore the card reader input and energize a relay contact.

In "Day Mode", the electric strike is unlocked and either switch will open the door. The card reader is electronically removed from the circuit.


The restroom door control interface is designed to safely control an automatic door operator and lock, on a shared use restroom door in facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

Opening the restroom door via the operator is accomplished by pushing the exterior wall switch. The door is then locked by depressing the "Push to Lock" button inside - the strike is energized, and the exterior switch is removed from the circuit. To exit the restroom, simply push the interior wall switch. The door unlocks, opens and resets the system. Should the door be opened manually, the magnet switch will reset the system.
General Information
Name: Camden CX-EMF-2 Multi-function Relay, Plastic Enclosure, Camden Door Controls, Camden Door Controls
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