Bose 742897-0200 Virtually Invisible 791 Series II In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)


The pair of Bose Virtually Invisible 791 Series II In-Ceiling Speakers is designed with Stereo Everywhere technology for full, even sound coverage across the whole room with no drop-offs. Capable of handling up to 100W each, they feature a 7" woofer with two strategically-positioned 1" tweeters. Their standard dogleg clamps make for a quick and easy installation. The grilles magnetically snap on to further ease installation while allowing you to paint them to better blend into your décor.

Each speaker has one 7" woofer and two strategically-positioned 1" tweeters
Full-range performance
Stereo Everywhere speaker technology is designed to cover the room with balanced stereo sound with no drop-offs
Nearly bezel-less construction to blend into your room's design with easily paintable grilles
Standard dogleg clamps and magnetically attached grilles ease and expedite installation

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