BFT Cellular Call Box W/ Keypad- Pedestal Mount - BFTCELL-PRIME4G


BFT Cellular Call Box W/ Keypad- Pedestal Mount

The BFT 4G LTE Cellular Call Box with Keypad allows for easy and fluid remote gate access from your phone. AT&T SIM card is included, at no charge, for easy activation. Instantly access your property by telephone, caller ID, SMS, or pin code. This cellular call box uses an advanced logging/alert system that monitors both the person who opens the gate, and when. The exterior of the call box faceplate is constructed from corrosion-proof acrylic, with a stainless steel reinforced weatherproof back-plate. In addition, the illuminated keypad allows for manual access of your gate, without the use of your phone.


  • Stainless Steel Reinforced Exterior with Corrosion Proof Acrylic Faceplate
  • Included AT&T SIM Card for easy activation
  • 15 VDC Power Supply Adaptor Included
  • Two year limited warranty
  • Remotely programmable keypad codes using Cellbox app
  • Built in time clock control
  • Automatic 7-Day timer controlled by app



  • Voltage: 15VDC
  • Recommended Cable @ 25 ft: 14 gauge
  • Solar compatible: Yes
  • Current on standby: Operating 55mA
  • Current: 330mA
  • Peak Demand Current: Internal Fuse 2 Amps
  • Rating: 500mA

Cellular Module:

  • Relays: 2 relays, max 2 amps, 24V ac/dc load
  • Latching: Yes
  • Caller ID users: 100
  • Programming: SMS & App
  • Network Compatibility: AT&T, T-Mobile

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