BenQ LH720 Laser 1080p 4000 Lumen Projector


BenQ LH720 Laser 1080p 4000 Lumen Projector

Built with BlueCore Laser technology, the BenQ LH720 Corporate Laser Projector delivers 1080p images and high-color performance that can produce 90% of the Rec. 709 spectrum. IP5X Dust Guard™ Pro provides long-term durability with InstaShow™, and QCast, and QCast Mirror ensure wireless presentation is hassle free. The LH720 also supports LAN control and network-delivered firmware upgrades, allowing IT administrators to monitor and maintain multiple projectors from a single location.

Important Note - To avoid HDCP errors when running MoIP via point to point or over a network, set the MoIP receiver to 1080p/50Hz for optimal display.
Image diagram of the BlueCore Technology in BenQs LH720

Revolutionary BlueCore Laser Technology

BenQ, the world’s number one DLP brand, expands its full line of innovative BlueCore laser projectors with LH720. This projector is ideal for fixed lens installation, enabling powerful visual communication in corporate meetings and public venues. Your customers will enjoy superior brightness with a precision-aligned, high-output laser source that boosts luminous flux into the light tunnel, improving efficacy. Dual synchronized BlueCore color wheels utilize an additive yellow segment, stimulating precise RGBY spectra for optimal chromatic performance.

Side by side comparison of the clarity of the Non Full HD Picture quality

Full HD Resolution for Crisp Image Quality and Increased Content Density

With Full HD (1920 x 1080) native resolution in expended 16:9 aspect ratio, the LH720 offers subtle details, ultra-sharp readability, and highly enhanced display capacity for professional presentations.

Another side by side comparison of the DLP chip design

DLP Technology for Lasting Vibrant Color

BenQ BlueCore laser projectors are based on the absolute reliability of the 1-chip DLP design. The highly durable DLP chip can last over 100,000 hours without degradation, ensuring true-to-life colors and pristinely legible text over countless uses.

Rendering of the flexible power control feature

Laser-Powered Ultra-High Contrast

The LH720 Full HD Laser Projector creates strikingly clear images with a stratospherically high native contrast ratio of 10,000:1 for true deep blacks, vividly rich colors, and fine subtle details. The LH720 also features spontaneous response, requiring no wait to turn on or resume for flexible performance capability.

Rendering of the Sealed Laser Bank on the inside of the BenQ LH720

Superior Dustproofing for Severe Conditions

BenQ’s LH720 Laser Projector is designed with sealed laser modules and enclosed light engines to protect the DMD chip, color wheel sensor, laser bank, and other optical components. Its design has passed the dust chamber test standard JIS Class IP5X.

Rendering showing the mounting distance flexibility of the BenQ LH720

The 1.5x Zoom for Efficient Upgrades

With 1.5x Big Zoom, corporations can easily and economically replace outdated projectors by making use of existing ceiling mounts to project large-scale images in restricted spaces. The 1.5x zoom allows the LH720 to be mounted anywhere from 3.5 to 6 meters from the screen and project images of 120", which is the typical image size for corporate meeting rooms. This feature helps your clients avoid costly renovations or installation downtime.

Diagram of the compatible control systems via LAN infrastructure

Comprehensive Control System Compatibility

The LH720 is widely compatible with leading projector control systems including Extron, Crestron, AMX, and PJ-Link, which fulfills network control via LAN, making it simple to integrate into corporate network infrastructures. When there is no LAN infrastructure, LH720 also supports RS-232 for reliable long-distance installations up to 15 meters.

Veritcal image shift diagram

Vertical Lens Shift

The convenience of the vertical lens shift systems delivers perfectly proportioned images despite any existing installation or placement challenges in any venue.

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