Axis Communications T98A16-VE Surveillance Cabinet


The AXIS T98A16-VE Surveillance Cabinet is a unique, outdoor-ready cabinet, specially designed for the Axis outdoor network cameras. It protects mains power and low-voltage units from tough weather and vandalism.

The surveillance cabinet is a system solution that saves time and money in the field. This is designed for electrical safety and to enable installation in steps, with a compartment that fits many accessories such as midspan, power supply, and media converter switches used for network camera installation. It comes with a mounting plate to simplify installation and cable protection attachment. The cabinet is IP66 and NEMA 4X rated for protection against the ingress of dust and high pressure water jets from any direction, as well as IK10 rated for protection against impact and vandal acts.

The cabinet blends in together with the camera and can be installed on a wall, pole, or corner. The camera can be mounted on the door of the cabinet for a sleek design and easy installation. The AXIS T98A-VE cabinet is ideal for city surveillance or critical infrastructure installations where a sturdy, vandal-resistant, and water-protected box is a must.

Ease of installation
AXIS T98A-VE offers several ease of installation features to simplify the work of installers. With a selection of optional mounting brackets, AXIS T98A-VE can be installed on a wall, pole, or building corner. The polycarbonate cabinet base is extremely lightweight and can easily be carried in one hand. For maximum installation flexibility the cabinet door can be left or right hinged. To facilitate cable routing, the cabinet is fitted with a specially designed mounting plate allowing the cabinet base to temporarily be mounted in a higher position and the hinges have a stop that locks the cabinet door at 105°. The cabinet is also designed with pre-mounted DIN rails to make it easy to connect components.
Vandal resistant to withstand adversities
The polycarbonate cabinet is IP66 rated for protection against the ingress of dust and high pressure water jets from any direction. The NEMA 4X rating protects against windblown dust, salt spray, rain, hose-directed water, and damage from external ice formation. The cabinet is IK10 rated as well for protection against impact and vandalism. The surveillance cabinets support vibration rating 4M4 and 4M3 (AXIS T98A18-VE).
Separated compartments to enhance security
For better installation and to improve cost efficiency, the inner compartment with a DIN rail can be split into 2 sections: one to fit mains power units and the second for low-voltage units that do not require installation by a certified electrician.
Lightweight polycarbonate surveillance cabinet
Hinge stop at 105°
Pre-mounted and molded DIN rails

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