Axis Communications Q1952-E 19mm 30FPS Thermal Network Camera


AXIS Q1952-E delivers a high-quality thermal video stream 24/7, in all weather, and any light conditions. Ideal for perimeter security and long-range detection, it features VGA 640x480 thermal resolution for wide-area coverage: in other words, a single camera captures events taking place in a large area and at great distances. With three lens alternatives (10 mm, 19 mm and 35 mm), the network camera can optimize detection performance to meet most application requirements. Thanks to electronic image stabilization (EIS), it ensures stable, reliable video in all environments. And, thermal palettes help identify different heat sources emitting the same amount of thermal energy, making it easier and more efficient to interpret a scene. Furthermore, thermal cameras are often in compliance with privacy regulations making them ideal in situations where visual cameras can’t be installed.

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