Axis Communications License Plate Verifier Software


The License Plate Verifier from Axis Communications is a single software license that integrates with Axis or third-party devices to recognize and capture the license plate of vehicles traveling at up to 45 mph in less than a second.

Suitable for slow-traffic areas like parking lots, city centers, campuses, and gated communities
Captures license plate information from vehicles traveling at up to 45 mph
Detects license plates in less than a second
Stores up to 1000 entries on camera storage and up to 100,000 entries on AXIS surveillance cards
Provides vehicle access control at entrances and exits by verifying detected license plates against an allow or block list to grant or deny access
Configurable retention time of stored events
Integrates with camera event management system to enable event streaming to management software and camera actions such as I/O control, notification, and edge storage
Direct integration with AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller and AXIS A91 Network I/O Relay Modules
The application can be installed on compatible Axis cameras with firmware 8.40 or higher

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