Atlona® AT-GAIN-120 Stereo / Mono Power Amplifier – 120 Watts


Atlona® Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier – 120 Watts

The Atlona® Gain™ 120 is a compact power amplifier designed for low or high impedance applications. A mode selector switch allows the Gain 120 to deliver two channels of 60 watts each into 4 or 8 ohms, or a single channel of 120 watts at 70 or 100 volts. This Class D amplifier is energy efficient and ENERGY STAR qualified, and is also convection cooled to allow installation in conference rooms and quiet installation environments without the need for fans. In addition to the amplified speaker output, a line level audio output allows the incoming audio to be fed into an additional amplifier or audio system. The Gain 120 is controllable via TCP/IP or external trigger, and can be integrated with Atlona AV switchers and OmniStream™ AV systems for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications.


  • Facility Audio Systems
  • Selectable Low or High Impedance Operation
  • 2x60 Watts @ 4 or 8 Ohms
  • 1x120 Watts @ 70 or 100 Volts
  • Class D Efficient Amplifier Design
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified


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