Alula RE663 Led-keypad Connect+Encrypted



The new LED Keypad is the perfect push-button interface exclusively for Connect+. Featuring a brilliant LED arming bar and light-up buttons, the LED Keypad is easy to read and operate. Mount it on the wall or desktop, both bases are included in the package. You can plug it into the wall for power or run on AA batteries for up to one year. The LED Keypad makes a great disarming device for the backdoor or garage and is a must-have accessory for an entry-level security system.


  • Affordable interface for price-conscious customers
  • Brilliant LED lights make keys easy to read in the dark
  • The simple keypad can be easily understood by young and old
  • Great as an extra to keep in the garage or by the back door
  • Displays real-time status
  • Wall or table mount
  • Competitive Offering for the Pro-installer vs. Big Box DIY

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