Alula M1 VZ Bat-Connect Universal 5G-Ready Communicator


BAT-Connect is engineered for Professional Security Dealers and Integrators who want the most versatile communicator on the market. This universal Communicator, equipped with LTE-M cellular technology and automatic panel detection, allows alarm dealers to complete more installations and offer a modern, smartphone-controlled experience while skipping the next (4G) sunset.

What makes BAT-Connect different

Works with every panel

You’ll always have the right part for the job with this universal communicator

5G-ready cellular

Fix it right the first time with LTE-M technology to skip the 4G sunset.

No truck rolls to service

Remote programming, troubleshooting, and over-the-air firmware updates will fix most issues.

Faster, easier to install

Automatic panel detection and zone configuration mean less work for you.

Add video and RMR

Upgrade customers to video and home automation brought to life on the Slimline Touchpad.

Multi-path Connectivity

Never lose a signal with IP first and cellular backup with our LTE-M technology.

  • UNIVERSAL hardwired-panel integration – One communicator for all installations (1 SKU)
  • Utilizes LTE-M technology providing immunity to typical cellular sunsets (5G ready!)
  • The auto-bus connection provides auto programming – eliminates programming errors and saves significant time (installation times as low as 10 minutes)
  • Redundant communications with auto-switching (IP & Cellular)
  • Modernize legacy security systems – enable mobile control and gives the appearance of a whole new system
  • Offer more than just security – add cameras, smart devices (automation), and touchscreens to legacy systems
  • On-demand activation/deactivation of cellular communications
  • Consistent installation experience across hardwired panels
  • Flexible installation process via Wi-Fi connectivity to local wireless networks
  • Manage all your hardware from a single dealer portal (AlulaConnect)
  • Place all your hardware on a single User Interface (Alula Interactive)
  • 5-year warranty (on BAT-CONNECT)

Enjoy faster installations, increase account retention and make more money with the award-winning BAT-Connect communicator!

  • Simplify your day-to-day by stocking a single communicator that works with all hardwired panels and reduces the number of SKUs you carry on your truck.
  • Save money by eliminating the inevitable LTE/4G sunset by installing a communicator that’s 5G-ready.
  • Complete more installations in a day with automatic panel detection and configuration.
  • Eliminate service hassles with remote programming, troubleshooting, and over-the-air firmware upgrades.
  • Untap potential RMR and increase attachment rates by offering smartphone control, cameras, and system automation capabilities.
  • Modernize existing systems at a fraction of the price with the addition of a 7” touchscreen.
  • Control operation costs by only using cellular when you need it.
  • Protect your investment with the industry’s best warrant.
Housing Dimensions:
8.5 x 5.0 x 1.3 in
10 oz (284 g)
Tamper Activations:
Cover Opening, Wall Removal
Mounting Fasteners:
#4 or #6 screws (included)


Operating Temperature:
32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
Maximum Humidity
85% non-condensing relative humidity

Communication Paths  LTE Category M1 Wi-Fi Ethernet

Certification Listings:


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