AKG 6500H00250 DMM8 ULD Digital Automatic Microphone Mixer with LAN and DANTE Interface


The DMM8 ULD Digital Automatic Microphone Mixer with LAN and DANTE Interface from AKG is a professional microphone mixer ideal for use in large meetings and conferences. Its DSP function ensures precise mixing of up to 80 channels by cascading up to ten DMM8 ULD mixers. Two additional stereo audio outputs and one stereo USB offer additional routing options. Due to high signal-to-noise ratio, the DMM8 ULD also keeps noise from multiple open microphones to a minimum. Numerous DSP functions such as filters, compressor/limiter, ducking, and routing make the DMM8 ULD suitable for a variety of spoken word applications. The DMM8 ULD incorporates a DANTE chip through which all inputs are available both on the DANTE stream and as direct outputs, which is useful for broadcast applications. In total, this ULD model provides 14 free assignable DANTE outputs; four DANTE streams can be used as inputs. The DMM8 ULD also features a LAN interface via Ethernet to enable control over large distances.

12-band graphic EQ on outputs for optimized loudspeaker tuning
Six programmable presets for easy tailoring to different situations
Two-channel USB streaming In and Out to interface with IT networks
Up to 10 units can be cascaded for simultaneous use of up to 80 channels
Digital signal processing and sophisticated mixing algorithm for wireless multimedia presentations
Audio matrix routing of all inputs to all outputs for creating multiple mixes of multiple output combinations
For use in conferences, large meeting areas, round-table discussions in TV shows, and more
Made in Germany

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