AKG 6500H00170 CSX CU50 Storage and Charging Case for 50 CSX IRR10 Receivers


The CSX CU50 Storage and Charging Case form AKG is a flight-case charger designed to hold 50 CSX IRR10 IR receivers while not in use. The case connects to an AC power outlet (100 - 240 VAC) intelligent charging cycles which keeps the rechargeable batteries in optimum status. Sliding the receivers into their slots will start charging automatically.
When being charged, the receiver indicates the "EEG" sign on the OLED display. At the end of the process the fully-charged units show the OK sign. Standard charging time is approximately six hours.

Heavy duty aluminum case, effective protection of up to 50 receivers
Optimum status of batteries
Keeps the receivers ready to perform
Aluminum silver finish

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