AKG 6500H00150 CSX IRR10 10-Channel Conferencing Infrared Pocket Receiver


The CSX IRR10 Pocket Receiver from AKG is a reference conferencing infrared receiver that supports up to ten language channels. A large OLED display clearly shows all required information for output volume, channel number and battery status. With two jog dial selectors, you can select the requested channel and adjust the output level to the headphones. A standard 3.5mm stereo jack plug enables the use of any kind of headphones. To charge the AA NiMH rechargeable batteries you can either use a standard USB charger, or the CSX CU50 charging case for 50 units (sold separately).

Digital transmission using PPM modulation, prevents fluorescent-light interference for effective audio and radiation quality control
For CS5 or as standalone system
Receives up to ten different languages for multilingual conference applications
Up to 20 hour operation with only 2 x AA standard rechargeable batteries
Integrated clip on front panel for tight fit in the pocket of a shirt
Suitable for conferencing, tour guides, and assistive listening

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