AKG 3325H00010 PZM11 LL WR Weather-Resistant Wall Plate Boundary Microphone


The PZM11 LL WR from AKG is a professional weather-resistant boundary layer microphone designed for fast-food restaurants, outdoor intercoms, tollbooths, SOS telephones, theme-park security, and the like. A plastic membrane inside the microphone protects the mic capsule from water damage. The PZM11 LL WR will work during and after rainfall. If water freezes on the membrane, the mic's frequency response will change but will return to normal when the ice melts and the membrane dries.

In the PZM11 LL WR, frequencies below the voice range are rolled-off to reduce traffic rumble. The high-frequency response is boosted to help articulation. Because of its tailored response and construction, the PZM11 LL WR will pick up conversations or other desired sounds with enhanced clarity.

The PZM11 LL WR can be plugged directly into a VCR line input—no costly mic preamp is needed. Output via screw terminals can be run with balanced or unbalanced lines. The unit is powered by 12 to 24V of AC or DC power.

Hemispherical polar pattern for clear, intelligible pickup of speech
Weather-resistant model for outdoor use
Line-level output for connecting directly to video recorders
Designed to be inconspicuous, it mounts on a standard wall plate
Screw terminals for easy installation

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