AKG 3165H00250 HM1000 M Hanging Module with 10M System Cable


The HM1000 M Hanging Module with 10M System Cable by AKG is a reference hanging module cable compatible with all capsules of the Discreet Modular Plus Series (CK41, CK43 and CK49). It is used to fly microphones from the ceiling to record music or speech in places of worship, conference rooms, or on theater stages. An integrated switchable light ring shows the status of the microphone at a glance indicating to the audio professional the functionality of the cable, eliminating the need for further testing of each microphone separately. A special light-ring expander comes with every Modular Plus hanging module to improve the visibility of the LED ring if necessary.

The HM1000 M provides a 32.8' (10 m) special cable that will not tend to twist, even if the temperature varies. A spring steel hanging clamp for precise microphone alignment is also included in the package. The integrated system connector fits all available phantom power modules of the Modular Plus Series.

For theater and onstage miking, houses of worship and broadcast studio applications
Twist-free 10m cable included to fix and secure the designated mic position
Highly reliable contacts for capsule modules prevents contact problems and ensure extra-long life
Spring clamp for vertical adjustment allows quick and hassle-free installation
Integrated switchable LED ring indicator for full control of the installation status
Specialized system connector interface adapter adds flexibility to all mounting modules

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