AKG 3165H00170 PAESP M Phantom Power Adapter Module with Programmable Switch


The AKG PAESP M Phantom Power Adapter is a programmable phantom power module which feeds and powers all DAM+ Series microphone capsules. It features a BCD (binary code decimal) switch, which recalls an operating mode. Several functions can be adjusted, e.g. bass roll off, LED ring mode (on, off, follow mic function) as well as the mic switch mode (push to mute, push to talk, push on - push off). The programmable switch offers noiseless switching and rather than actually disconnecting the signal, it reduces the level by 26dB, thus avoiding the irritating crackling sound when phantom powering is interrupted. The switch is inconspicuously placed but easily accessible for simple handling.

With its wide voltage range the PAESP M will fit most available microphone mixers and is suitable for fixed and mobile installation in theaters, houses of worship, and in conference rooms. The integrated system connector with gold-plated contacts securely fits all available mounting modules of the DAM+ Series.

Programmable on/mute/off switch offers noiseless switching
Selectable operating modes for switchable bass roll off and light-ring function
Silently switchable 26 dB mute
RFI Shield technology provides high immunity to radio-frequency interference
Accepts 9-52V input for almost any available mixer inputs
Integrated system connector with gold-plated contacts
Feeds all DAM+ Series capsules for increased flexibility

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