AKG 2793H00100 HC644 Head-Worn Microphone


Building upon the success of AKG's C544 and C555, the AKG HC644 MD Head-Worn Microphone is well suited for a variety of applications such as corporate speaking, educational presentations, or aerobics. The improved design utilizes a smaller capsule with higher sensitivity, solid RF shielding, and is sweat resistant. The head-worn mic is well protected against interference caused by the inundation of wireless systems in the low to mid price range that are based on 2.4 GHz technology. The AKG HC644 MD ships with an MDA1 AKG adapter connector, a windscreen, and a carrying case.

  • Studio-Quality Sound: Flat frequency response for natural sound
  • High RF Rejection: For safe performance in RF sensitive environment
  • Moisture-Resistant Design: Reliable operation even in extensive use
  • Uniform Polar Pattern: Reduces feedback
  • Microdot Adapter: Available adapters for most wireless systems

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