AKG 2765H00100 HM 1000 Ceiling Hanging Module for CK Series Microphone Capsules


The AKG HM 1000 Ceiling Mount is designed to mount the AKG CK 31, CK 32, CK 33, CK 47 and CK 80 microphone capsules from high ceilings in theaters, concert halls, houses of worship, lecture halls and anywhere hanging is desired. The mount includes a 33' (10m) long, specially treated cable that avoids twisting and a spring-loaded, steel hanging clamp for exact microphone positioning. An LED ring illuminates to indicate power.

Hanging module with rugged thread connection and self-cleaning, gold plated contacts
For use with five different capsule modules
Integrated switchable LED ring
Integrated bass rolloff filter
Rugged all-metal construction
Non-reflective anthracite finish

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