AKG 2262X00030 C562 CM Ceiling Mountable Omnidirectional Microphone


The C562 CM from AKG is a miniature low-profile, ceiling mountable microphone designed for surveillance or live recording in boardrooms, performances, etc. The C562 CM features a hemispherical, omnidirectional polar pattern where the pickup area is emphasized in front of the microphone to avoid the phase and noise problems associated with surface mounting. With its omnidirectional polar pattern and high signal characteristics, a single microphone is capable of capturing the signal of an entire room. The phantom power supply unit connects to the miniature cable and the low-profile design of the actual microphone makes it easy to conceal in ceilings or props.

Low-Profile Design
The miniature profile of the C562 CM allows easy, secure mounting in ceilings or props.
Sensitive Pick Up Response
The microphone features a hemispherical omnidirectional polar pattern and high frequency and sensitivity response.
Suited For Surveillance
Professional audio character and omnidirectional pick allow a single C562 CM to capture the audio signal of an entire room.

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