AJAX 42835.89.WH Contactless Card, 10-Piece, White


Product Overview

To disarm the security system, just present Pass to the reader on the keypad. This copy-protected card allows you to manage security modes without a password, user account and access to the Ajax app. To identify users quickly and securely, KeyPad Plus features the DESFire® technology. It is the best-in-class contactless solution to identify the user by card or key fob. DESFire® is based on the ISO 14443 international standard and combines comprehensive 128-bit encryption and copy protection. This technology is also used in transportation systems of European capitals and access systems at NASA. In the app, you can set the name and access permissions for each card. You always know who and when changed the security mode — every action is recorded in the event log. A system administrator can revoke or restrict Pass access permissions in real time. To add Pass to the system, all you need is to open the Ajax app, go into the settings and present the card to the keypad.

General Information
Name: AJAX 42835.89.WH Contactless Card, 10-Piece, White, AJAX SYSTEMS CH, AJAX
Category: AJAX, Access Control, Credentials, Proximity Cards
UPC Code: 850042389164
Country of Origin: Ukraine. Country of origin is subject to change.

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