Yamaha YAC-SWR2100P-5G Pro L2 Gigabit Network Switch with PoE


Yamaha Pro L2 Gigabit Network Switch with PoE

The SWR2100P is an L2 network switch with PoE power capabilities, suitable for Dante® networks using MRX, MTX, and XMV product lines. Specifically designed to ensure proper configuration of Yamaha professional audio devices with minimal setup time for improved reliability and reduced labor costs.

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Find additional information like application diagrams and product details on the Yamaha website.

PoE Capabilities

Supply power, audio and control signals to a PoE-compliant Dante device via a single Ethernet cable.

High Clock Stability

Defeatable Green Ethernet (802.3az) – (switched off by default) ensures highest clock synchronization and stability.

Rugged Design

Robust steel chassis specifically built for commercial audio applications.

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