Wisenet D1 Wired Doorbell with Facial Recognition

SKU: sil72073


The Wisenet SmartCam D1 video doorbell boasts next-generation technology as it is equipped with the latest Wisenet 5 chipset to deliver intelligent features including Face Recognition, Human Detection and Abnormal Sound Detection. Its designed to further enhance home monitoring capabilities by allowing people to greet visitors at their front door and ward off intruders, whether they are home or away. In addition, the SmartCam D1 is designed for user customization to make it appealing and fit to complement any style of home. The SmartCam D1 combines advanced technology with a modern and sleek style to provide an ideal security solution for homes.

  • 1080p full HD, the 1080p full HD delivers a crystal-clear view outside of your home through your device so you wont miss out on the slightest detail in view, the 2MP resolution provides maximum lighting through the lens, producing videos with strikingly vivid colors and details
  • Face recognition, the D1 lets you know who is at your doorstep by capturing facial images of your visitor and alerting you with a push notification, you can also simply drag and drop the captured images of your favorite visitors into the interested group so that your D1 can identify your visitor when they arrive
  • Abnormal sound detection you can increase your home's security with the D1's abnormal sound detection feature, this feature will recognize sounds such as sirens, glass breaking and screaming and trigger an alert notifying you of unusual events so that you always be aware of what goes on around your house
  • Human detection, the advanced video analytic software used by smartcam D1 can identify humans, which helps eliminate false alerts triggered by animals such as birds or cats
  • Cloud recording (optional) now we offer cloud storage for the smartcam D1 to make storing videos and images easier and more accessible by using smartcloud app, you no longer have to manually take out the SD card to review events or move your event files to store it on the computer, we offer 30, 60, and 180 day cloud storage plans
  • Night vision the smartcam D1 delivers strikingly sharp and vivid videos with true day and night, it adjusts accordingly to the lighting conditions of the camera's location, so everything in view will be clearly visible during the day and night, the IR LED for night vision brings clarity to your home so you can see up to 16 ft. in complete darkness, you can easily check up on your front porch at night without turning the lights on
  • 2-way talk with a fully integrated 2-way microphone and speaker system, you can greet you visitors on your smartphone, the smartcam D1 keeps you connected to your home, no matter where you are
  • Motion zone select lets you select up to 3 areas of interest within the video doorbell camera's view to capture detected events, if an intruder or visitor steps into the marked areas of interest, you will be immediately notified of these events, the motion zone select feature helps secure your home more efficiently by reducing the number of false alarms sent to your device
  • Wide dynamic range the smartcam D1 captures clear images in areas of high-contrast lighting conditions, it utilizes wide dynamic range technology by enhancing the details of a subject or object in poorly and brightly illuminated areas of your home for a well-balanced exposure, delivering exceptional picture quality
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