UpCart 866768000108 UpCart Original


UpCart 866768000108 UpCart Original

Let the Upcart Original do the heavy work. This handy cart is designed with (3) wheels on each side to offer easy stair climbing, improved stability and balance, and carries loads up to 100 lbs. An adjustable handle allows optimum height and the UpCart folds to a compact size for easy storage.


Built to Last

The UpCart comes fully assembled with adjustable handle, bearings that will hold up the rigors of modern life, and a folding chassis that will shape itself to the unique challenges of objects in different environments and surfaces. This unique design is specifically made to carry the burden of heavy loads with support that lasts.


Stability and Balance

With a 3-wheel design on each side that keeps 4 wheels on the ground at a time, weight loads are distributed more evenly. This decreases pressure and allows the UpCart to “walk” over curbs, stairs, and obstacles.

Open Dimensions (H x W x L) 43.9” x 23.3” x 19.5”
Folded Dimensions (H x W x L) 21.2” x 24.3” x 4.4”
Platform Dimensions (W x L) 16.5” x 9.7”
Net Weight 9.7 lbs

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