UpCart 8667668000115 Upgrade Bag


UpCart 8667668000115 UpCart Upgrade Bag

Carry and transport miscellaneous items with ease! This great add-on to the UpCart Original offers simple solutions when you have to transport various items that just won’t stay put. Fill the bag with everything you need and let the UpCart do the work.


Simple Setup

Just secure the Upgrade bag with the Velcro straps and fill. Custom fitted with a carrying capacity of 12 gallons, this handy attachment is constructed from Cordura nylon and even includes a removable shoulder strap as well as a cell phone pocket.

Material Cordura Nylon
Carrying Capacity 12 gallons
Rip-stop nylon liner Expands capacity to over 20 gallons
Secures Velcro Straps

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