Universal Remote Control TRF-ZW2 Z-Wave Gateway


Z-Wave opens doors-and does more than 1,000 other things

URC's Total Control system now offers a faster gateway to tap into a whole ecosystem of Z-Wave® products in your home. The TRF-ZW2 provides the features of URC's predecessor, the TRF-ZW1, in a smaller, faster form factor with the addition of a new modern user interface and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can instantly enjoy automation of your home's lighting, door locks, motorized shades/ blinds, motion detectors, thermostats or any device bearing the Z-Wave logo, over your home network. Plus, with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), you can count on connecting each wireless Z-Wave product to the TRF-ZW2 securely.

Unmatched user interface

The TRF-ZW2's new, modern graphic user interface streamlines programming and general control of Z-Wave devices for custom installers and users alike. It includes an account wizard designed specifically for consumers to set up how they wish to manage their account and change lighting scenes. Imagine being able to turn off all lights and devices before you leave home. Or changing a "wake up" lighting scene that turns the lights on to 20% brightness, rolls up the shades/blinds to 50%, turns on the local news and weather and starts the coffee maker. All before you roll out of bed. And if you're a custom installer, you'll also enjoy access to specific programming for URC's Vivido™ lighting line including device parameters, EZ Association (which makes grouping Z-Wave devices easier) and more.

Main Features
  • Secure remote device management and configuration(subscription required for offsite access)
  • Two-way control for lighting, thermostats and door locks with all associated two-way enabled Z-Wave products (e.g.: URC VIVIDO™, Schlage, Baldwin, Kwikset, Yale, Leviton, Cooper, GE,and more)
  • Two times more total memory compared to TRF-ZW1
  • Macro Integration capable. For example, a homeowner could enter a specific code on a Z-Wave Door Lock and based on that personalized code, the Total Control MRX-8 or MRX-10 canset the house the way that homeowner prefers it

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