SureCall SC-DPLX-01 Wide-Band Diplexer/Splitter


SureCall Wide-Band Diplexer/Splitter

This diplexer (SC-DPLX-01) splits high and low cellular frequencies between the 698-787 MHz range and the 824-2200 MHz range. With its wideband design, the SC-DPLX-01 can accommodate many combining solutions between LTE 700 MHz, Cellular 800 MHz, PCS 1900 MHz and AWS 2100 MHz. Provides high level of isolation between ports while keeping the insertion loss very low on both paths.



  • Splits cellular frequencies
  • LTE ready
  • Low insertion loss
  • High level of rejection prevents interference
  • Compact with small footprint


Package Contents:


  • (1) Diplexer/Tap

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