Shure WL183 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone with TA4F Connector (Black)


The black Shure WL183 is an omnidirectional lavalier microphone well suited to a wide variety of interview, presentation, broadcast, and film/video applications. The mic features a TA4F connector compatible with Shure wireless transmitters.

The WL183 lav filters out unwanted low frequencies below 50 Hz and sharp highs in the range above 17 kHz to provide clear, intelligible speech for instructors, journalists, and presenters doing interviews, voiceovers, and dialog. The microphone capsule can handle SPL levels up to 125 dB, while the forgiving omnidirectional polar pattern picks up sound evenly from all around the mic, helping to provide consistent levels—even when the talent turns away from the mic.

This electret condenser microphone features a 4’ cable and is optimized for a 5 VDC power source, but can operate on 1.5 to 10 VDC available through the TAFM connector on a Shure wireless bodypack transmitter or similar compatible device. A snap-fit windscreen and a smaller foam windscreen are included, along with a modular lapel clip that offers 90° rotation for optimal mic placement. A single-mount lapel clip and a double-mount lapel clip are also provided.

TA4F Connector
Compatible Wireless Transmitters
  • Shure: Works with Shure transmitters equipped with a TA4M connector, including the following models: AD1, ADX1, AXT100TA4F, BLX1, GLXD1, MXW1, PGXD1, QLXD1, SLX1, SLXD1, ULX1, and ULXD1 
  • Third-Party Devices: The WL183 will work with third-party wireless transmitters that are equipped to supply 1.5 to 10 VDC through a TA4M connector with a Shure wiring configuration.
An Omnidirectional Lavalier with an Interchangeable Capsule Design
Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
The mic's omnidirectional polar pattern picks up sound from all around the capsule, helping to supply consistent speech levels, even when the talent isn't speaking directly toward the microphone.
Replaceable Mic Capsule
The modular design allows you to replace the WL183 omnidirectional capsule with a WL184 supercardioid or WL185 cardioid capsule (both available separately) if the application requires it.
Headroom for Standard Vocal Applications
The WL183 is designed to handle up to 125 dB SPL without distorting, providing headroom for broadcast-quality interviews, speech, and dialog.
Frequency Response Tailored for Speech
With a frequency range from 50 Hz to 17 kHz, the mic filters out unnecessary high and low frequencies for accurate and transparent speech reproduction.

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