Shure Stem Wall Beamforming Microphone Array and Speaker System for Conferencing (Black)

Part of the Stem Ecosystem for conference rooms, the Shure Stem Wall is an elegant, beamforming microphone array and speaker system that can turn almost any meeting room, collaboration area, or huddle room into a conference space with advanced audio capabilities. Designed to be mounted on a wall or placed on a credenza, the Wall connects to your local network with PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) or to a computer and offers clear and highly intelligible speech capture and professional-quality sound for an enhanced meeting experience.
Beamforming Technology with Digital Processing for Accurate Voice Capture
  • The Stem Wall features full-duplex transmission, voice-activity detection, and automatic tracking of the person speaking to ensure intelligible speech capture. 
  • For voice capture, the unit offers 15 beamforming microphones that work together to provide 180° coverage.
  • The direction-finding algorithm determines the presence and direction of the person speaking and the beamforming algorithm points the microphone pickup in that direction, ensuring that everyone in the room can be heard clearly by the participants on the far end of the call.
  • Automatic gain control adjusts the volume of people close to and far from the microphones, while echo cancellation and de-reverberation ensure comfortable communication, free from distracting sounds.
Powerful Built-In Speakers
  • Two 4W speakers and two 10W subwoofers deliver full-range audio output powerful enough for small to medium spaces.
  • Speaker volume can be easily adjusted with volume up & down buttons on the device or through Stem Control (available separately).
  • Of course, the Wall can be combined with additional Wall units and other Stem components to ensure complete audio coverage for larger conference spaces and classrooms.
Simple to Install and Set Up
  • The Stem Wall comes with a wall-mounting kit for easy installation in your conference room. The unit can also be placed on a credenza or cabinet.
  • Attach the video camera of your choice with the included mounting kit and place the device above or below your display to complete the AV setup in your room.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+) and networked setup eliminate complicated cabling and make installation effortless.
  • The device can be remotely controlled via the Stem Control device (available separately).
  • The Stem Wall is compatible with all your favorite video-conferencing platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Meet, and others.
Versatile Setup Options
Standalone Setup with Network


  • Using the included Ethernet cable, connect the device to your local network that supports PoE+. 

Standalone Setup with Computer

  • If you need video conferencing capabilities, use the included USB Type-B cable to connect the device to your macOS/Windows/Linux computer.
  • Note: You must also use a separate PoE+ injector or PoE+ enabled switch to provide power to the unit.

Networked Setup with Multiple Stem Ecosystem Devices in the Room

  • Follow the same instruction as with standalone setup with network.
  • When setting up multiple Stem devices in a room, you must use a Stem Audio Hub (available separately), as all communications between the devices and the far end are done through the Hub.
Need More Coverage?
The Stem Audio Ecosystem gives you freedom to customize audio coverage for perfect pickup in every type of room. It allows you to mix and match all Stem Audio devices until your room is completely covered.


  • Stem Table: if you prefer to keep your speakerphone on the table, this low-profile 9-microphone array performs real beamforming with a full-range speaker.
  • Stem Ceiling: this ceiling-mounted 100-microphone array performs real beamforming from a discreet location.
  • Stem Hub: when you have more than one device in a room or you need more than just USB connectivity, Hub becomes the brains of the operation. Hub enables multiple units in the room to communicate with each other to function as an ecosystem.
  • Stem Control: this simple and intuitive user interface creates an enjoyable and familiar experience when controlling all the elements of your Stem Ecosystem. It lets you see data-rich statistics and reports behind the scenes. Stem Control also seamlessly integrates with all major video conferencing platforms.

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