Shure Stem Control Touchscreen Interface for Conferencing (Black with Silver Base)


The Shure Stem Control is an elegant 10" LED touchscreen interface for use with the Stem ecosystem of audio components and the video conferencing platform of your choice. The low-profile unit connects to your local PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) network using only a single cable and lets you easily initiate and manage push-to-start meetings and conferences. The integrated stand lets you set Control upright or lay it down to best suit your placement needs.

One-Touch Conferencing
  • The 10” LED display allows you to dial SIP calls or launch a conference call directly from the device.
  • Stem Control is compatible and seamlessly integrates with major video conferencing platforms, so you can use the platforms you know and love, including Zoom Rooms.
  • Dual mounting options are provided: lay the unit down at a 45 degree angle or sit up at a 60 degree angle.
Stem Ecosystem Access with Easy Set Up
  • The unit comes pre-loaded with the robust Stem Ecosystem platform which includes the RoomDesign, RoomAdapt, and RoomCheck tools to assist you with designing and optimizing the performance of your rooms and devices.
  • You can also access the Remote Management function to view behind-the-scene usage statistics and reports.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+) and networked setup eliminate complicated cabling and make installation effortless.
Stem Audio Conferencing Options
The Stem Audio Ecosystem includes speakers and microphone arrays to give you the freedom to customize your audio coverage for perfect pickup in every type of room. It allows you to mix and match all Stem audio devices until your room is completely covered.


  • Stem Table: This tabletop speakerphone features a low-profile 9-microphone array that performs real beamforming to focus audio capture on the person speaking and includes a full-range loudspeaker.
  • Stem Wall: This 48" mic array and speaker system offers real beamforming with 15 microphones along with two full range speakers and two subwoofers. The unit can be mounted on a wall or placed on a credenza and is well suited for small to medium spaces.
  • Stem Ceiling: This ceiling-mounted 100-microphone array performs real beamforming from a discreet location.
  • Stem Hub: When you have more than one device in a room or you need more than just USB connectivity, Hub becomes the brains of the operation. Hub enables multiple units in the room to communicate with each other to function as an ecosystem.

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