Shure R189 Mini-Shotgun Mic Cartridge for Microflex Gooseneck or Overhead Microphones (Black)


Affix the black Shure R189 Mini-Shotgun Mic Cartridge to an existing Shure Microflex (MX) gooseneck or overhead microphone to achieve focused directivity with less noise and feedback during live presentations or noisy conferences. This threaded 1cm cartridge easily attaches to any Microflex gooseneck/overhead mic, even models in the Microflex Wireless and Microflex Complete series. Its lobar polar pattern provides a narrow 100-degree pickup area with effective rejection of off-axis sound.

The sensitive electret condenser element produces a 50 Hz to 17 kHz frequency response while handling SPLs up to 121 dB. The cartridge utilizes CommShield Technology to minimize RF interference from wireless devices such as cellular phones and bodypack transmitters. The R189 is operable via 48V DC phantom power.

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