Shure Deluxe Articulating Desktop Microphone Boom Stand


Ideal for use with your preferred Shure microphones or a wide variety of mics from other brands, the Deluxe Articulating Desktop Microphone Boom Stand is a great choice for podcasting, streaming, and content creation applications. The sturdy C-clamp can easily fit on desks up to 2.17" thick, and with full 360° rotation, three points of articulation, and a maximum mic arm extension of 32.25", it's easy to find the optimal position for your recording setup.

The convenient cable channel sports secure clips for hassle-free XLR or USB mic cable organization, helping you maintain a neat and tidy system. The stand fits both US and Euro mic clips and includes a 5/8"-27 threaded extension adapter for excellent XLR cable clearance and compatibility with the popular Shure SM7B, MV7, and similar broadcast-style microphones.

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