Shure ADX5D Axient Digital Dual-Channel Slot-Mount Wireless Receiver (470 to 636 MHz)


Great for mobile sound production, sports video, film, and reality TV, the Shure ADX5D Digital Wireless Receiver incorporates Axient Digital wireless technology into a portable, dual-channel slot-in form factor to deliver mission-critical signal stability and clear, transparent sound for professional productions that demand flawless execution in the field or on-the-go.

Compatible with all AD Series and ADX Series transmitters, it features an ultrawide 166 Mhz tuning range, True Digital Diversity reception, low latency, ShowLink functionality, and High Density (HD) mode for more channels, ensuring solid performance in the most challenging RF environment.

Versatile Design for Multiple Configurations
One of the major advantages of the slot-in wireless receiver form factor is that it can be configured for multiple applications, including insertion into a camera or multi-coupler device, or for standalone use where power is provided by a battery distribution system (BDS) or battery sled.


  • The optional ADX5BP-DB15 Backplate connects the ADX5D to slot-in devices with 15-pin connectors, such as professional broadcast video cameras and multi-coupler devices.
  • The optional ADX5BP-DB25 connects the ADX5D to slot-in devices with 25-pin connectors. This connector type is commonly used on devices that require multiple interfacing paths in a small form factor, including SuperSlot and UniSlot devices.
  • The optional ADX5BP-TA3 Backplate provides standalone connectivity for the ADX5D when used in an audio bag with either the optional ADX5BS-L battery sled or a BDS, or with professional broadcast cameras and multi-coupler devices. The backplate includes a 4-pin connector for mating with the optional ADX5BS-L battery sled, two TA3 (mini 3-pin XLR) analog/AES3 audio-output connectors, and a 4-pin locking Hirose power-input connector.
  • The optional ADX5-MOUNT allows the ADX5D to be used in the cold shoe attachment on various cameras and mounting devices.
Real-Time Remote Control with ShowLink Direct Mode
As an Axient Digital ADX Series wireless receiver, the ADX5D features ShowLink Direct Mode, which enables you to make instantaneous remote adjustments to your ADX transmitters settings (RF output, gain, mute, and more) when it is difficult or impossible to access the transmitters and without the need of external equipment.


ShowLink Network Mode technology enables easy coordination of multiple clean, usable frequencies no matter what kind of RF environment you face (requires optional AD610 Diversity ShowLink Access Point)

ADX5D at a Glance
  • Dual-channel slot-in digital wireless receiver
  • Axient Digital pristine audio quality
  • 166 MHz ultrawide tuning band
  • High spectral efficiency due to advanced digital modulation scheme offers more wireless channels in available RF space
  • High Density (HD) mode provides even higher spectral efficiency for more channels (application dependent)
  • True digital diversity reception per channel for drop-out resistance and excellent range
  • Networked control with Wireless Workbench software and ShurePlus Channels app
  • 5-segment Channel Quality meters display per-channel RF-link quality
  • ADX series receiver with ShowLink Direct Mode allows remote control of Axient Digital transmitters without the need of external equipment
  • Third-party integration and control from select portable mixers and recorders for RF scan and deployment, audio gain adjustments, transmitter battery life monitoring, and more.
  • Party Dial feature enables users to quickly switch between RF channels from a pre-selected group of frequencies
  • Optimized Menu Structure places the most commonly used features within a few clicks of each other
  • Enhanced Shortcut Menu provides rapid access to only a few critical features and menus
  • 3.5mm TRS audio output provide connection to headphones or to a balanced line-level input
  • Removable antennas with standard SMA connectors
  • High-resolution OLED display
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encrypted signal
  • USB Type-C port for firmware upgrades
  • Streamline user interface
  • Low latency, down to 2 milliseconds

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