Samsung Hanwha Techwin TNO-4050T VGA H.265 NW Thermal Camera

SKU: sil71280


In challenging weather (fog, smoke, rain) or lighting conditions (complete darkness, backlighting), it can be difficult to distinguish people or objects in a complex background by a visible camera or a human eye. Wisenet T series thermal cameras provide high contrast images based on temperature differences between the object and background, to easily detect incidents. The advanced thermal imaging technology provides high contrast to make the unseen details visible without additional lighting. The TNO-4050T is a VGA thermal bullet network camera with a built-in 35mm lens providing human detection at up to 1,235m, and detection of vehicles at up to 3,157m. Additional specifications include H.265/H.264, WiseStream II, Intelligent Analytics, bi-directional audio, SDXC edge storage, PoE, 24VAC, 12DC, IP66, NEMA4X, IK10, and a wide operating temperature range.

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