Russound CA4-KP System Keypad


Product Overview

The Russound CA4-KP is an in-wall keypad used with the CA4 controller in a multiroom audio system. The CA4-KP provides source selection and volume control with backlit push buttons, and an IR window to receive remote control signals for source control.

The volume up/down buttons control the speakers in the same zone as the keypad. Typical installations place one CA4-KP in each room of the CA4 system.

Main Features
  • Adjustable bass, treble, loudness, Party Mode and all off for total control
  • Built-in IR receiver with IR confirmation LED
  • IR control of sources via CA4-RC optional remote control
  • Source Grouping
General Information
Name: Russound CA4-KP System Keypad, Russound/FMP, Inc, Russound
Category: Russound, Residential AV, Residential Audio, Multi-Zone Audio Controllers
UPC Code: 612934529696
Country of Origin: Taiwan. Country of origin is subject to change.

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