Ruckus 9U1-E510-US01 ZoneFlex E510 Embedded 802.11ac Outdoor Wave 2 Wi-Fi AP with External BeamFlex+ Antennas


The demand for public outdoor Wi-Fi continues to explode. Users expect great Wi-Fi experience whether at a stadium or on a train. In outdoor environments, designing an optimal wireless network without interfering with the aesthetics of the environment is a challenge for operators and service providers.  

The Ruckus E510 802.11ac Wave 2 access point (AP) is designed with a unique, diminutive two element enclosure which separates the RF components from the antenna module. This approach provides placement flexibility for the antenna which is necessary when the AP must be placed inside a vehicle or metal-shielded environment. The E510 can be placed unobtrusively inside signage at a bus or train stations, and within a vending machine and display kiosk. 

The E510 RF module with its small form-factor is designed to be installed in park benches, street furniture, on light poles or other aesthetically restrictive areas. The separate low-profile antenna module is placed in a nearby un-obtrusive location. Both modules are IP-67 and industrial temperature rated and can withstand the most challenging outdoor environments allowing operators and service providers to deploy Wi-Fi in previously unreachable environments. 

The Ruckus E510 incorporates patented technologies found only in the Ruckus Wi-Fi portfolio. 

  • Extended coverage with patented BeamFlex+™ adaptive antenna technology utilizing multi-directional antenna patterns.
  • Improve throughput with ChannelFly, which dynamically finds less congested Wi-Fi channels to use.

Whether you’re deploying ten or ten thousand APs, the E510 is easy to manage through Ruckus’ physical and virtual appliance options.


Ruckus’ BeamFlex+ adaptive antennas allow the E510 AP to dynamically choose among a host of antenna patterns (up to 4,200 possible combinations) in real-time to establish the best possible connection with every device. This leads to 

  • Better Wi-Fi coverage 
  • Reduced RF interference

Traditional omnidirectional antennas, found in generic access points, oversaturate the environment by needlessly radiating RF signals in all directions. In contrast, the Ruckus BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna directs the radio signals per-device on a packetby-packet basis to optimize Wi-Fi coverage and capacity in real-time to support high device density environments. BeamFlex+ operates without the need for device feedback and hence can benefit even devices using legacy standards.

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