Rane RAD16z Remote Audio Device FlexMount 2 Mic/L



The RAD16z is an alternative to standard switch boxes for impractical areas such as in stage floor pockets or above ceilings. Its form factor is a rugged metal box with flexible surface mounting options. The RAD16z is plenum-rated UL 2043. It contains two balanced Mic / Line / Line-Plus inputs and two balanced line outputs on Euroblock connectors.

Line-Plus allows an unbalanced stereo source to connect to a single balanced input and be mono’ed. Inputs are individually software switchable to Mic, Line or Line-Plus. The Halogen software can enable 24V phantom power for a condenser mic on either input. LEDs indicate input mode, Input and Output level, as well as RAD connectivity to the HAL.

Two Logic Inputs and Outputs interface other devices to HAL with toggles or commands, such as push-to-talk or mute switches, projectors, lights, alarms, etc. Logic In connects a device contact switch between pin 1 or 2 to ground. Logic Outs are 5 V high or 0 V low. Galvanic isolation prevents current flow between the RAD and host technical grounds from interfering with audio. The Euro connections accept wire between 30 and 14 AWG. The RAD16z is only available in black. Mountable to any flat surface.
  • 2 x Balanced Mic/Line/Line-Plus Inputs
  • 2 x Balanced Line Outputs
  • 2 x Logic Inputs, 2 x Logic Outputs
  • Euroblock Connectors
Features: Two balanced inputs on Euroblock connectors, Software-switchable mic or line level, Two balanced line outputs on Euroblock connectors, LEDs indicate Mic or Line level for each input
Color: Black
Mountable: To any flat surface
Measures:  4.92" x 3.31" x 1.05" (12.5 x 8.4 x 2.7 cm)
90-Day Smart DJ Warranty, 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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