Polk Audio Signa Solo Universal Home Theater Sound Bar


Polk Audio Signa Solo Universal Home Theater Sound Bar

Elevate home theater experiences with the Polk Audio Signa Solo Universal Home Theater Sound bar! Patented with SDA digital surround technology and compatible with any TV, it creates an expansive multi-dimensional sound experience. Best of all built-in Bluetooth allows users to stream all their favorite music wirelessly.

SDA Surround

Polk Audio’s Patented SDA Surround Technology creates an expansive multi-dimensional soundstage with detailed stereo imaging. It heightens AND widens the listening experience to provide immersive room-filling sound that doesn’t sacrifice clarity. Plus, it’s 100% compatible with Dolby Digital surround decoding.

Voice Adjust

Voice levels are easily adjusted to reproduce crisp, clear dialogue with Polk Audio’s Voice Adjust feature. Users no longer have to worry about missing a single word of their favorite movie, TV show, or sporting event.

10X the Bass

A four-driver array and built-in bass ports deliver deeper bass with a punch! It has no need for an external subwoofer since it offers 10xs more bass than typical TV speakers.

Wireless Music Streaming

Streaming music has never been easier. Bluetooth equipped, the Signa Solo Soundbar can stream songs from a smartphone or other device.

Universal Compatibility

There’s no need to research what brands this soundbar works with. The Signa Solo is compatible with all major TV brands and even comes with an optical cable to make set up a breeze!

Full Control

In addition to a master volume remote function, the control also includes separate bass and Polk VoiceAdjust volume settings. Music and movie modes are easily set with the EQ preset button to optimize sound for the clearest dialogue, sound, and deep bass. Users also need not worry about waking a sleeping family member. Night Mode lowers the bass and increases VoiceAdjust to ensure dialogue is still clear despite a lower volume.

Polk Audio

Expect Great Sound! For more than four decades, Pol Audio has been defining real American Hi-Fi with advanced research and development labs in Baltimore, Maryland. Their selection of patented technologies is a result of hard-won efforts.

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