One Systems 108/HSB-Black Direct Weather 8inch Subwoofer. HYBRID



The 108/HSB is an 8" subwoofer, designed to handle both indoor and outdoor applications where additional low frequency output is required. It is often paired with One Systems models 104/HTH 106/HTH, and 108/HTC. The 108/HSB is designed to be biamped and it offers the flexibility of low-impedance (8 ohm) or high-impedance (70.7 - 100 V) operation. For optimum performance, the 108/HSB should be high-passed at 43 Hz. The 108/HSB's enclosure uses marine-grade stainless steel suspension hardware and enclosure reinforcements plus a HYBRID stainless steel grille with marine capable coating. The 108/HSB also offers an array of optional marine-grade stainless steel suspension hardware including eyebolt rigging, U-Bracket, Pan / Tilt bracket and Pole Mount bracket for placement and aiming flexibility. Add solid, high-impact low end response to your system by adding the 108/HSB.


Frequency Response: 43Hz – 150Hz
Coverage Pattern: Essentially Omnidirectional 
Active Crossover Frequency: Recommended 100Hz (150Hz max)
4 position barrier (Low Z mode)
5 position barrier (Hi Z mode)
System Sensitivity:
88dB (half space)
(1 watt-1 meter)
Power Handling: 200 watts Continuous 400 watts Program 800 watts Peak** NOTE: All system power handling rating are amplifier headroom dependent
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (Low Z mode)
High Impedance mode: One Systems 8-inch woofer
High Impedance power taps: 150W, 75W, 37W (70Vrms) 150W, 75W (100Vrms) NOTE: An active 4th order Butterworth high pass filter with a corner frequency of 43Hz should be used on all systems applications. This applies to both low impedance (Low Z mode) and 70V/100V operation (Hi Z mode).
For bi-amp operation the suggested filters are:
4th order Butterworth high pass.........43Hz
4th order Linkwitz-Riley low pass......100Hz or higher 
System Components:
Low Frequency: ONE SYSTEMS 8” (1 each)
High Frequency: N/A
Suspension/Mounting points: 7 each M8
Weather Performance: IEC 529 IP 45 Mil Spec 810    
Dimensions (H x W x D): 483.3 x 243.2 x 270.8 (19.05 x 9.56 x 10.66)
Net Weight: 14 Kg and 30.8 lb
Optional Accessories:
Additional Supporting Systems: 108/HTC, 108/HTH, 104/HTH, and 106/HTH

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