Mr. Beams® MB750-BLK-02-00 20 Lumen Stand Anywhere Motion Detector Night Light (Black | 2-Pack)


Mr. Beams® MB750-BLK-01-00 20 Lumen Stand Anywhere Motion Detector Night Light (Black)

More than just a night light! The Mr. Beams 20 Lumen Stand Anywhere Motion Detection Night Light is designed to work without requiring any installation. It also features an “Off” switch prevents unwanted activations.


This Night Light is motion activated from 15 feet away. It includes 20-second auto shut-off to help prolong battery life which lasts an average of 1 year (Uses 4 AA-cell batteries / not included). It’s not just a night light, it’s the right light.

Mr. Beams®

The goal to easily light areas around the home that would otherwise be expensive or inconvenient, launched Mr. Beam and its wireless spotlight, step light and ceiling light. Each battery-powered light installed in less than 5 minutes and eliminates the need for an electrician, offering a brand new way for consumers to light their homes. Since then, Mr. Beams has grown to provide more than 30 lighting solutions to increase home safety, security and convenience.

Color: Black
Brightness: 20 Lumens
Coverage Area: 20 sq. feet
Motion Detection Range: Up to 15 feet
Auto Shutoff: 20 Seconds
Dusk-to-Dawn Light Sensor: Yes
Weatherproof: Yes
Standing Design / No Installation: Yes

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