Mission ALPR - Automatic IP License Plate Recognition System


This complete systen includes an IP LPR camera and an IP image Catcher.

Our LPR cameras can capture a plate up to 100 ft distance and 2 lanes wide. In any weather condition, from day to night, or fog and snow. Our camera guarantees to capture up to 120 mph. We can offer full customization of the products and software.

Any ONVIF NVR will support the camera.

The catcher comes with 120GB SSD internal storage which is more than enough for 2 to 3 months of images at a normal traffic location.

Email us for a done.

1. Vehicle activity from the entrance/exit gates will be recorded as
traceable events including gate entered and time in, remain
easily accessible on ‘in process or on premise’ list for duration of
stay, and be removed from the ‘in process’ list upon exiting
while recording time stamp and gate upon exit.
2. Information provided for or associated with registered vehicles in
the system is completely configurable allowing you to
track/analyze all activity including: Employees, Contractors,
Visitors, Shipments, etc.
3. Automated & Instant alerts (text and email) may be provided
for: Watch listed “Red” listed vehicles you enter into the system
– Special Deliveries, Contractors, VIP guests, terminated
employees, etc. and ‘red’ listed vehicles (if data is available or
interfaced to crime database instant information can be retrieved
from the database).
“Green” listed vehicles are registered as allowed vehicles for
residents, employees, monthly paid parking etc.
4. All activity available immediately in a variety of reporting
formats and for automatic interfacing with your existing system
if/as required.
5. Search by full license plate
6. Search by partial license plate, with known characters or
unknown characters in various positions.
7. Search by date, location or time
8. Play linked video clip by selecting captured license plate data.
9. It is easy to grant/revoke permanent and/or temporary
vehicles access to your property, while recording all
access activities through secure the Online application.
You can disable access authorization for defined time
period but continue reporting access activities. There are
number of notifications available within the application
that can be delivered to you via SMS messages or by
emails in case of any system exceptions, system
tampering or un-authorized property access.

10. Real time monitoring of incoming License Plates with alert
notifications for “Red” Listed vehicles.
11. Control of user access of specific LPR locations.

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