Milestone 2-Year Software Upgrade Plan for XProtect Professional Camera License


The 2-Year Software Upgrade Plan for XProtect Professional Camera License from Milestone includes support for a single camera license for a limited period of 2 years. This plan allows access to software service releases, device packs, new features and functionality.


This item requires the prior purchase of Milestone software. Purchasers will be contacted by a customer service representative to confirm the serial license codes of the required software.

Keep Up with Technology

Take advantage of the benefits of the fast-growing IP video world with this SUP (Software Upgrade Plan). This offering gives seamless access to the latest technology and features in XProtect, which is a well-known IP VMS (Video Management Software). The plan also provides you with access to all the latest device packs, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of cameras.

Benefits of SUP

XProtect installations exist in dynamic environments that are constantly evolving, with new industry standards, device firmware updates and increased software functionality requests. SUP delivers a powerful foundation for choosing solutions for today while allowing the flexibility to easily update and expand installations in the future.

Future-Proof Your Installation

SUP adds new functionality to XProtect products multiple times each year, and each new release contains powerful and innovative features to improve your surveillance system. With SUP, you gain immediate access to all new product updates the day they are released.
This SUP allows you to gain access to the latest device packs, which allow for compatibility of your security installation with a wide selection of IP video cameras. Moreover, gaining this access offers the flexibility to enhance your installation with cutting-edge technologies created by our ecosystem partners.


SUP offers a full trade-in (100% refund) of the price of your current XProtect VMS when upgrading to a more advanced XProtect product, giving you a cost-effective way to enhance your installation.

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