Memphis Audio MXA5.600 Powersports 5-Channel Amplifier 75x4 + 300x1



Memphis Xtreme Audio amplifiers are designed to withstand the elements and wet environments. Unlike traditional amplifiers, these amps utilize conformal circuit boars, sealed controls and upgraded terminals and wiring. MXA amplifiers will perform well in the mud or on the trails where you need a rugged durable amplifier that boast solid power.

Memphis Xtreme Audio amplifiers are water and element resistant and designed for use in the harshest conditions. These ultra-compact amplifiers bring big power to applications where limited space and element resistance are a factor. Stash them under your seat, in your motorcycles saddle bag or in your UTV, these amplifiers have what it takes to perform in the most taxing conditions. The exceptionally efficient class D design keeps these amplifiers running cool while they are playing hard in the mud.


  • Ultra-compact design
  • Element resistant conformal coat board
  • Sealed wire harnesses
  • Efficient class D design
  • Waterproof control covers
  • Bass level control
  • High and low level inputs

Product Highlight:

  • RMS POWER 4Ω (w) 50 x 4 + 200x1
  • RMS POWER 2Ω (w) 75 x 4 + 300 x 1
  • Bridged/Mono Power 4Ω (w) 150 x 2 + N/A
  • THD% 4Ω <1%
  • Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Dimensions L x W x H 11.4 x 4 x 1.75
  • Warranty (years) 2 Years
  • Input Range 150mV - 7.3V
  • Recommended Amp Kit
  • 8GKIT
Feature 1:
Ultra-compact design
Feature 2:
Element resistant conformal coat board
Feature 3:
Sealed wire harnesses
Feature 4:
Efficient class D design
Feature 5:
Waterproof control covers
Manufacturer SKU:
4.84 lbs

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