Linksys F1DN108F-3 Advanced Secure 8-Port Dual-Head DVI-I KVM


Belkin's F1DN108F Advanced Secure 8-Port Dual-Head DVI-I KVM Switch makes connecting a single console to multiple systems connected to different networks safe and easy. Handling up to 16 systems, the F1DN108F provides two DVI-I port, one audio jack, and two USB Type-B ports for each system. This advanced switch offers security and data protection for users by utilizing a unidirectional data path between systems and networks. Data-path isolation prevents internal and external attacks, and peripherals from being used to leak information from one system to another.

Additional security is provided through its end-to-end tamper-proof system that prevents physical tampering. This switch is government certified and ideal for government agencies, financial institutions, and other organizations that handle sensitive or confidential data on separate networks with different levels of security. The streamlined form-factor allows the switch to be quickly mounted to a 2 RU system rack.

True Data-Path Isolation

Provides a single, unbuffered, dedicated processor for each KVM peripheral port to prevent data breaches.

Peripheral Security

Unidirectional data flow, using optical diodes, eliminates data leaks via a keyboard or mouse. Because they can only communicate in one direction, these devices are prevented from receiving information from the computer.

Peripheral Management

USB signals are monitored in real time to prevent the attachment of unauthorized devices that could transport malware.

Display Security

Prevents infected networks from writing to the monitor's EDID EEPROM chip and then using the display to leak information using a KVM switch.

End-to-End Tamper-Proof System

Ensures that the product remains tamper-free throughout the manufacturing and delivery process. A uni-body chassis reduces entry points, and tamper-evident holographic labels provide visual indication and prevention of external tampering. Internal sensors render the KVM inoperable if the chassis is opened.

Enhanced Usability Features

Reduces user error with customizable color-coded ports with labels that can be used to associate each port with the correct network. The port buttons illuminate to indicate which computer the console is controlling.

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