Klipsch KVA Amazon Echo Input Amp 40W KLP-KVA-40


Klipsch KVA Amazon Echo Input Amp

Take Alexa to the next level. The Klipsch KVA-40 is a 2x40 watt amp that allows for seamless integration of the Amazon Echo Input into an in-ceiling or in-wall speaker system. Simply install the slim KVA-40 into the wall of your choice, insert the Amazon Echo Input, and enable crystal-clear conversation and audio from Alexa anywhere in your customers home.

Amp installed in wall next to modern kitchen

Alexa Intellegence. Klipsch Performance

An all-new way for your customers to talk to Alexa anywhere in their home. The KVA-40 is an in-wall 2-channel amplifier that holds and powers an Amazon Echo Input (sold separately), mounting it flush in the wall while powering two channels of in-ceiling or in-wall speakers (sold separately).

Amp installed in kitchen wall with dotted lines representing speaker wire

Make Any Part of Your Customer’s Home Smart

The KVA-40 uses low-voltage speaker wire to connect to the included power plate to provide audio to each speaker. It can be mounted in two ways: through a double gangbox for new construction or retrofit with included dog-ears.

Zoomed-in view of amp installed in wall

No Electrician Needed

The Klipsch KVA-40 Amazon Echo Input Amp is designed for both retrofit and new construction without the need for extensive and complicated wiring.

Amp installed in living room wall

A Seamless Connection

The KVA-40 Amazon Echo Input connects seamlessly to in-ceiling speakers using a simple speaker wire connection for lossless streaming audio anywhere inside or outside of the home.

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