KEF HTC7001 Center Channel Passive Soundbar


Today’s sleek flat panel televisions demand an audio solution that not only complements their stylish good looks but also faithfully reproduces the detailed high vocals from today’s movie soundtracks. Designed to complement today’s stylish flat panel televisions 32in. and larger, the HTC7001 center channel may look diminutive, but the sound it produces is anything but.

The center channel speaker is the most important speaker in a home theater setup, bar none. Most of the dialogue from your favorite series and movies are coded to play through the center channel speaker. The HTC7001 includes the exact audio technology as that of the HTC7001, but with the addition of a wiring harness that hooks in to each of the three channels on the rear with ease, each playing the same channel frequency.

High performance gold plated terminals ensure a secure and supremely easy connection for effortless setup and configuration. Simply connect the Center Channel output of your amplifier or receiver to the convenient banana-style sockets on the center channel adaptor and then connect the adaptor to your HTC7001 following the labels on the Adaptor.

The HTC7001 comes supplied with both a wall mount bracket and table stand which makes it an elegant compliment to any television. So whether your flat panel is mounted on a wall or seated on a credenza, the performance of the stylish KEF HTC7001 center channel will make your home theater sing!

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