Karbon Audio In-Wall Subwoofer IWSUB 10”

Box Content 

  • 1 x In-Wall Subwoofer
  • 1 x Grille
  • 1 x Cut-Out Template
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Subwoofer Placement

Before installing your subwoofers, you should consider the placement carefully, taking into account the location of electrical, plumbing and other fixtures, as well as studs. Contact your dealer for assistance if you are not sure of the best locations in your particular to install the speakers.

  • As the cut-out-piece can be installed neatly back into place.
  • Once you determined that there are no obstructions in your target location, cut the finished hole at a 90 angle.

Caution: Loudspeaker components can get hot while performing at moderate to high volume levels. Maintain a minimum of 1” (25”) clearance between loudspeaker components and plastic vapor barriers and/or any insulation  material.

Subwoofer Installation

  • Remove the grille.
  • Connect the speaker cable to the amplifier. Make sure the connection is according to the polarity of your amplifier and the correct speaker channel. Insert the subwoofer into the mounting cut-out and tighten the clamping screws.
  • Install the grille back into the place.

Caution: Over -tightening the clamping screws may wrap the baffle, crack the ceiling or cause difficulty in aligning the grille.

Painting the grilles

  • We recommend painting your grilles prior to installation. If you decide to paint them in the future, it is best to remove them by simply detaching them from the loudspeaker.
  • Do not paint the grilles while they are installed on the subwoofers.
  • Remove the cloth material from beneath the grille before painting. Once painted, place the cloth back to its position.
  • Take care not to clog the hotels of the grille while painting. Ideally use light spray painting.


  • It is highly recommended to perform an obstruction survey to be certain that there are no studs, conduit, pipes, heating, ducts or other similar obstacles before cutting out the hole for your in-wall subwoofer.
  • Use the cut-out template to mark the position of the subwoofer
  • If you are not certain about any obstructions behind the subwoofer position, you should start by cutting at a 45° angle  to the surface material pointing inward towards the center of the hole (figure 4). Cutting the hole by this angle will make drywall repair much easier.
Weight 11.35 lbs




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