JBL LAE6I ARENA6IWAM Architectural 80W In-Wall Loudspeaker with 6.5” Woofer


JBL LAE6I Architectural 80W In-Wall Loudspeaker with 6.5” Woofer

Fill the room with sound from the inside out! The JBL In-Wall Loudspeaker by Leviton is engineered to fully disperse sound no matter where it is installed. Whether home theater or whole home audio, this Loudspeaker has proven acoustic superiority.

Sure Sound

Rigorously tested through real-world evaluations, this Loudspeaker is inspired by legendary M2 Master Reference Monitor. High Definition waveguide technology allows it to fill the room with cinema quality, full immersion sound from any location–even high elevations or off-axis listening locations.


Specially designed with a nearly invisible zero-bezel and paintable magnetic grille, speakers blend into any environment’s wall or ceiling architecture. This is equally pleasing to audiophiles and interior designers for integration into any configuration or setup. The speaker’s sturdy reliable design also includes a XL-2 bracket suitable for mounting in any wall or ceiling up to 2” thick.

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