IN STOCK! Infinity Reference R152 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black)

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The black Infinity Reference R152 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers are designed to offer robust power handling in a compact form factor. Each speaker in this pair has a 2-way design, which incorporates a 1" CMMD tweeter with a waveguide and a 5.25" CMMD woofer. With a recommended power handling of 20 - 125W per speaker, the Infinity R152 is compatible with a wide variety of amplifiers. For sturdy stand or table placement, these bookshelf speakers include rubber cushions.

1" CMMD Tweeter with Advanced Waveguide

The combination of the acoustical engineering and design found in the 1" CMMD (Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm) tweeter and advanced waveguide is designed to provide seamless sonic integration with the CMMD woofer. This speaker design is engineered to provide optimized high-frequency detail and smooth coverage across a wide listening area.

5.25" CMMD High-Output Woofer with Tuned-Port Enclosure

This CMMD woofer works in conjunction with the tuned-port enclosure to provide powerful deep bass for an enhanced listening experience, covering a wide frequency range.

Computer-Optimized Driver Positioning and Network Integration

Infinity's acoustical modeling design places the drivers in the ideal location within the cabinet allowing them to work with the enclosure and not against it. The positioning and crossover network integration reduce harmful sonic artifacts that would otherwise detract from the overall performance of the loudspeaker. The end result is designed to deliver balanced, accurate sound with lifelike imaging and soundstage.

Low Resonance Enclosures

For more natural sound reproduction, internal bracing is used to reduce cabinet vibration and minimize unwanted background noise.


CMMD (Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragms) sandwich an aluminum driver between ceramic layers for sound accuracy. Its ultra-rigidity design removes unwanted sonic coloration, while the light weight cone picks up subtle detail.

Additional Features

  • Black woodgrain finish with hidden fasteners
  • The waveguide and woofer feature black chrome trim rings
  • Removable speaker grille with brushed trim

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