Ice Cable Systems 2” PVC Conduit (150 ft Spool/Orange) PVC/CONDUIT/2IN/OR/1


Ice Cable Systems 2” PVC Conduit (150 ft Spool/Orange)

Protect with the best! Ice Cable systems PVC Conduit is flexible and sturdy. Best for installing and protecting electrical conductors in walls, floor, and dropped ceilings, this spool contains 150 feet to keep you working.



Designed for residential or commercial settings, the 2” PVC Conduit is bendable and free from sharp edges. This easy to spot and work with, it saves you time and money.


Ice Cable Systems

ICE builds superior products with a number of time saving and performance enhancing innovations which represents a state-of-the-art offering in each category. The key is offering these products for the same or less money than the competition. That’s what ICE is all about; giving the good stuff for the price of the generic stuff.


Size 2”
Color Orange
Length 150 feet

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